Gender diversity leads to greater creativity and success.

Encouraging gender diversity and inclusion within your business is a critical step for growth, allowing your team to be more innovative with different perspectives and information processing styles. 

In the cybersecurity sector there is a still significant gender inequality, especially at ground level. Though some top jobs are held by women, they continue to struggle to enter the industry and break through the glass ceiling. 

The Event

The Women in Cybersecurity event is an opportunity to recognise leading women in cybersecurity, learn from their stories and host discussions that look to inspire better gender diversity in the cybersecurity sector.

Sessions will provide

  • Leaders with the understanding of how your business can better implement processes, strategies to improve its gender balance
  • Individuals with the opportunity to hone their skills needed to take that next career step
  • Stakeholders in the cybersecurity and technology sector with a roadmap to better gender inclusion


If you are interested in speaking at this event contact:

Donna Galbraith

[email protected]

Jenny Radcliffe

The People Hacker, Founder & Director of Social Engineering Rowenna Fielding, Director, Miss IG Geek Ltd

Amanda Finch

CEO, Chartered Institute of Information Security

Jane Frankland

CEO at KnewStart, director of women in Cyber Academy, founder InSecurity Movement, global digital ambassador, World Assessment Council, founding member of #Women4Cyber

Irfan Hemani

Deputy Director - Cyber Security, Cyber Security and Digital Identity Directorate, Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport


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10:00am – 10:05 am

Welcome Remarks and Explanation of features of the platform


10:10am – 10:40am

We know the stories, but what is the reality of women’s representation within the sector in numbers? How Have Women Succeeded In the Sector So Far?
  • Why does Cyber Security have an image problem and how to address it?
  • What opportunities have emerged since the start of the pandemic with vast swathes of the workforce being based at home?
  • Gain tips on how to progress in the industry

10:45am – 11:25am

Panel Discussion: Influencers and Industry Role Models Discuss the Impact of the past 12 months
  • Cyber security is an industry which is growing and offers job security, so why aren’t we seeing more women? 

  • The fear factor – what is putting men off supporting women?

  • The impact of the pandemic on roles for women – the positives and negatives of working from home

11:30am – 12:15pm

Developing a growth Mindset

Why curiosity is a superpower and essential for career progression?

  • How to harness the skills of your workforce for better business results
  • How to turn failure into success
The Leadership Skills Toolkit

What do you need to learn to progress from middle manager to leader?

  • What are the most important skills for Cyber Security leaders?
  • How do you get yourself noticed and advance your career?
Working in the Virtual World

How can you stand out in a world of virtual meetings with 20+ participants?

  • Discuss how to communicate effectively in a virtual world
  • Learn tips for making yourself heard on zoom meetings and events
  • How can you increase your social media presence?

12:15pm- 1:15pm

Lunch and Screen Break


Interview: A Leader’s Story: How have they overcome challenges in their career and supported diversity?
  • Taking the road less traveled – learn why this leader chose a career in cyber security
  • Hear concrete examples of how diversity has lead to greater innovation
  • How do you continue your career development and your desire to grow when there are so few women to follow?


Data Presentation: STEM, Training & Hiring: What are the systems and processes that need to be put in place to create a more gender diverse future workforce?
  • How AI (Artificial Intelligence) can be utilised to support diversity?
  • What training can be given company-wide?
  • What recruitment strategies have been shown to work?


Panel Discussion: Practical Tips for Allies -How everyone can play a part in improving gender diversity in the industry?
  • What male allies can do to support and encourage women into the industry
  • Inclusive recruitment – how to broaden your company’s appeal
  • Building your culture – how to bring disparate groups together and create an environment where people want to stay
  • How to foster a sense of belonging


Closing Keynote: A Vision for the Future Cybersecurity Workforce


Event ends


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