Women in cyber security

Gender diversity leads to greater creativity and success.

Encouraging diversity within your business is a critical step for growth, allowing your team to be more innovative with different perspectives and information processing styles. 

In the cybersecurity sector there is a still significant gender inequality, especially at ground level. Though some top jobs are held by women, they continue to struggle to enter the industry and break through the glass ceiling. 

The Event 

The Women in Cybersecurity event is an opportunity to recognise leading women in cybersecurity, learn from their stories and host discussions that look to inspire better gender diversity in the cybersecurity sector.

Sessions will provide:

  • Leaders with the understanding of how your business can better implement processes, strategies to improve its gender balance
  • Individuals with the opportunity to hone their skills needed to take that next career step
  • Stakeholders in the cybersecurity and technology sector with a roadmap to better gender inclusion


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