Prof. Paul Dorey

SpecialityVisiting Professor, Royal Holloway

Paul Dorey has over 30 years management experience in cyber security and enterprise risk management including information security, digital security of process control/OT systems, BCP, privacy and information management. His leadership roles have included Global CISO at BP and global leadership of strategy, information security and risk management functions in financial services, technology and pharma. He is facilitator for the UK Energy Emergencies Executive Cyber Security Task Group (E3CC), the UK Aviation Cyber Security Forum and Civil Nuclear CISO Work group. He currently advises security leaders and business executives on cyber security strategy and risk management and also acts as an expert witness. He is a Visiting Professor in Information Security at Royal Holloway.

He was one of the founders of the Institute of Information Security Professionals (Chartered Institute of Information Security) and he is on the Board of the IoT Security Foundation. Paul is co-author of a book (‘The Weakest Link’, published by Bloomsbury) which highlights how aspects of systems design and organisational behaviours can result in people making good or bad security decisions.