Emily Turner

SpecialityChief Resilience & Security Office, Lloyds Banking Group

Emily currently runs the Cyber Education and Engagement team at Lloyds Banking Group. Her banking career began in the Lloyds Bank branch network sixteen years ago where she worked as a cashier on the front line serving customers. Since then she has fulfilled a number of roles in the Group, working directly with internal and external clients across mortgages, private banking and fraud protection, before moving into corporate communications and education. Emily cares deeply about doing the right thing for customers and keeping their money safe and that’s how she ended up working in cyber security! Emily is passionate about empowering women in the workplace and alongside her day job, runs a cross-industry Women in Security network encouraging women and girls to take up a career in this typically male-dominated industry. She also co-chairs the LBG Breakthrough women’s network in London.

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