Carl Wearn

SpecialityHead of Risk & Resilience, Mimecast

Carl worked as a UK Police officer in London for 24 years, specialising in anti-social behaviour and court applications before moving into the Metropolitan Police’s Falcon fraud and cybercrime Command in 2014. He headed the Operational Development Team there and was responsible for all performance, intelligence, and other support functions of the Command. This work also included the specialist investigation of high value, cyber-related fraud and management of the Command’s tasking process. He has a BSc (Hons) in Policing and a Post Graduate Certificate in Leadership & Management.

At Mimecast Carl provides threat intelligence focused on email threats blocked by Mimecast, and also oversees e-crime and cyber investigations. This adds a wider context to the attacks companies are facing and seeks to clarify the who and why of the organisations being targeted.

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