Andy Jenkinson

SpecialityGroup CEO, Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) security

Although Andy Jenkinson has some 30 years’ experience within the Technology and Risk area, Andy is a relatively new breed and thought leader within the field of cyber security. Nowhere is that leadership more prevalent than at internet facing and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) security. Andy addresses insecurity and oversight head on with a firm belief that insecurity falls into one of two camps: complacent or complicit. Andy was discovering and advising on domain exploitable vulnerabilities long before the latest Google Project Zero team discovered Nation State watering hole and 0-day implants. A straight talker and a recently published author of ‘Stuxnet to Sunburst’. Andy calls it exactly as it is and addresses Computer Network Exploitation (CNE) over the last 20 years, breached Certificate Authorities (CA’s) and Content Delivery Networks (CDN’s) citing their abuse, misuse and breaches due to lack of PKI controls. Andy demonstrates why $billions spent can be, and is constantly undermined, often by a single compromised digital SSL/TLS certificate causing massive disruption and breaches. ‘Show me a breach, and I will show you an insecure domain’