Julien Blanchez

Global Security & Compliance Strategist, Google
Julien Blanchez is Global Security & Compliance Strategist at Google. He has
worked 9 years with the company, between Europe and California where he
was based lately, embedded with security engineering teams. In his current
role he engages with large and highly regulated organizations and their
regulators,  providing detailed information on security and compliance
questions. He is passionate about bridging technology and market needs,
specifically on security and privacy. A proud European citizen, he is very keen
on helping make technology work for everyone, in greater transparency and
full trust.

He joined Google after past functions with SAP in global corporate strategy in
Germany, with BARCO in Singapore and The Boston Consulting Group in
Brussels. A graduate of the Université Catholique de Louvain in Belgium, he
has post-graduate degree in Maritime Sciences from the University of
Antwerp and later went through an executive program at Harvard Business

In private he is a husband and father of three teenagers, he invests his spare
time as a volunteer in wilderness Search and Rescue and in long distance
ultra-light hiking.